Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lazy summer days

We spent a good amount of our time during the summer at the Badi. Playing in the lake, building sandcastles, eating popsicles, enjoying the sunshine. Can't get better than this.

Mulhouse, France

On one of our last weekends that we were staying in Zurich, we decided to take a short day trip over to Mulhouse, France and Alsace, France. We have visited Alsace once before, but loved it so much, it was worthy of a return trip!

I ordered fish....... which is exactly what I got

Alsace is famous for their kugelhopf cakes

Wandering the streets of Mulhouse

Naturally there was a carousel to ride, and lots of wine to drink. 

Saying Goodbye to Good Friends

To end our year in Zurich celebrating with friends was such a treat. Thank you friends for an amazing year. 


The whole crew