Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another Day, Another Park- Riesback Playground

Before we moved to Zurich, I knew I was going to have to get up the courage to go out and make friends, both for myself and for Ella. Well, today was my first day to start that, we were meeting a playgroup (composed of other expats) for a day at the park. I mapped out the route to the playground, got us ready to go, and headed out the door. Ella decided that she wanted to wear her big girl underwear, so this was our first time to test potty training- yikes! She also wanted to walk the whole 2 miles down the hill. I came prepared with my trusty ergo in hand, just in case she decided that two miles really wasn’t what she had in mind. Knowing I was walking at Ella Speed (she likes to stop and smell the roses, watch the passer bys, and wave to the buses multiple times throughout the walk) I planned an hour for the journey and we needed every minute of that hour. We eventually found the playground, met some new friends and settled in for a morning at the park.

Overall, it was a great success. The playground was Gemeinschaftzentrum Riesbach playground located at Seefeldstrasse 93It was a nice park with a big slide, a wooden maze (which ella loved) a few swings and a sand box.


There are many other moms living a similar story to ours, which is nice to know I’m not the only one exploring Zurich alone with a toddler. I learned that it seems to be expected in swiss culture that when you’re a mom of a young child, you stay home with them, which also means crowded playgrounds!

On the way home (after we used the potty two times at the park!) we stopped at the local market to pick up baguettes, cheese and veggies for dinner, and found the new bus stop to take us all the way back up the hill. Sorry to admit it, but today was not a day for my usual trip of carrying Ella up the hill. Funny, although Ella got a couple hours at the park, I think the highlight of her morning was riding the bus! She threw a huge fit when we had to get off at our stop. This fit is just the thing I was trying to avoid, because the Swiss like things quiet and peaceful in their stores and on their transportation, so Ella screaming “NO NO, I want to ride the BUUSSS” is not exactly something that brings me sweet, adoring looks from the locals. Oh well, wasn’t trying to make friends on the bus anyway. 

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