Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hello Sunshine!

Thank you for the Sunshine today! Seeing the gorgeous weather, Ella and I packed up the stroller and headed out for a day of fun in Zurich. Really, we had a lot of errands to run, but made a great adventure of it anyway. First stop, the train station, which for some odd reason Ella loves. Then we strolled down the Limmatquai (path along the Limmat River) and took a ride on a beautiful old carousel.

It’s a neat little carousel that sits right in the middle of the Rathous bridge, and only comes out for a few months a year. I’ve heard it has a neat history (which I tried to research) but couldn’t find out anything about it. Best part is that it only costs 1chf! After our little horse riding adventure, we headed down to visit a little daycare in Seefeld, and explore the quaint city streets in that area. We promptly found a little park bench to picnic at and watch the passer-bys. Ella loved it, and spent most of the time waving at people, rather than eating her lunch. Darling, right. Yep, in America. Here, the ‘rule’ (one of thousands of rules) is that you don’t really acknowledge or interact with the other people on the street. No smiles, no ‘how do you do’s,’ they think you’re a little crazy if you go around smiling at others around you. Oh well, think the rule applies to a two year old????

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