Friday, September 4, 2009

I love the smell of books at the library, now, if I could just find it!

As we have started getting settled in to our new apartment (which we STILL have not paid for…. So stressful!) we are learning to happily live without American tv and our dvd’s. We cannot play the dvd’s we brought from home on the swiss dvd player, and we cannot upload American TV programs on the internet (sigh, I know) So I am gladly ventured to the library to get a library card and spend my tiny bits of free time reading. I go through the routine – google the library, find out how to walk there, and head out down the hill, make a wrong turn, or two, and arrive at the library.  I start at one desk, “Sprecken ze English?”- because my German is currently non-existant- she says, ‘ah a little,’ and points me to another desk. I try again, this time I get sent to the desk upstairs to get a card. I find the desk (all the while, Ella is having a grand old time laughing and singing songs on my back. I’m sure she’s driving the Swiss crazy, they’re always so quiet and proper on the bus, on the streets and in the stores, I can only imagine that their library etiquette is similar) We found the desk, and through some broken English and lots of “danke’s” and 45chf (yes, you pay for your library card here), I was equipped with a library card. I then had to wander through the library (which has multiple floors, and of course I can’t read the maps) to find the English book section. To save you the reading- we ended up leaving the library with a couple books for me, a couple for ella, and some dvd’s that may or may not be in English…. I would call it a success! Now, back up the hill we go :o)

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