Friday, September 11, 2009

I spy Penguins!

It finally got to us, the inevitable cold you get when you travel with a child. We naively thought that we were in the clear after remaining healthy for our first few weeks, but alas, this week, we all came down with what we’re calling our ‘Euro Cold.” Ella got it first, then after a couple days, both John and I came down with it too. Those who know me, know that I am not good at just ‘staying home to rest.’ I kept Ella home for two days, and when I thought she was doing better, we jumped out of the house and scrambled the 1.5 mile hike up to the zoo. I have been dying to get to the zoo since we moved here, so today was our day! I had been reading about it on, and it looked great. We put on her big girl underwear, brought an extra pair of clothes along, and up the hill we went.
We were there early on a cold, foggy Friday morning and we practically had the place to ourselves- it was wonderful! All the animals were out, and Ella had a blast! First we wandered through the reptiles and the penguins. It was feeding time for the penguins, Ella was enthralled that the penguin could eat a whole fish for lunch!

Then off to the elephants, the lions, and the wolves! Then we wandered upon the best site of all… the Tigers were eating lunch- Huge carcasses of meat being devoured in just a few bites – amazing!

After wandering around the zoo for two hours, we still didn’t get to see it all. It is well designed on the top of the hill, and easy to let yourself get lost in the forest atmosphere with little trails to see animals, and the landscape that the zoo has designed for them is beautiful, about as natural as you could create for animals in captivity.

We bought an annual pass, so that will be a regular adventure for us this year.

We headed home around lunch time, and then naturally Ella decided that today was going to be a ‘no- nap’ day. I seized the opportunity, tossed her in the stroller, and we wandered all the way down to the library by the river. After two hours of running errands up and down the hill, I figured out that we had strolled 6 miles today- yahoo! Life with a toddler and without a car is definitely a challenge, but I love the walking everywhere. I suppose I could have easily hopped on a tram or a bus, but I have yet to try wrestling my stroller on to the buses, and I didn’t feel like trying that today. So, walk we did, and loved it.

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