Sunday, September 27, 2009


One of the travels John and I have been very eager to make is a trip to Oktoberfest. This has been on our travel list for years and years, and this year we are making it happen. We have one weekend to make it out there, and really only one day to spend traveling, so while this is not the ideal trip one would normally like to take to Oktoberfest, we are jumping on, what could be, our only opportunity –with our toddler in tow of course!

The morning begins at 5am to wake up and watch the Oregon Ducks smash Cal – Go Ducks! Morning is off to a great start. We ran around the house to pack up our one backpack, complete with morning snacks, travel potty seat, and Ella’s extra clothes. Toss Ella on John’s back and ran down the hill to catch the first train to Munich.

We knew we only had a few hours to absorb all the craziness that goes along with Oktoberfest, and we were geared up and ready to embrace the crowds. Leaving the train station, we followed the dirndls and lederhosen to the festival. The search for the perfect tent began…. Which really means- any tent. 



We did not make reservations for this trip, instead we thought we would be adventurous and make new friends! 




 Which is exactly what we did. Because we went on a Sunday afternoon, we were able to walk in the tents and see what all the excitement was about. Some tents – mellow, enjoying the beer, other tents, crowds of beer lovers that started early, jumping on tables and singing their German songs. We found a semi-mellow tent, the Fischer Vroni and cozied up next to two teenage boys, dressed in authentic lederhosen, and straight from, what they called, ‘the real Bavaria.’ 



They were adorable, and I think they were just as excited to be sitting next to Americans! We eagerly ordered our pints and they were DELICIOUS! Ella LOVED the band playing, and spent her time dancing and clapping in the aisles –darling. Sadly we did not try any of the fish that the tent was known for - maybe next time. 



We then thought – great we did what we came to do, now let’s go find more beer! And that we did. We wandered through the crowds, the carnival rides, in and out of tents, had to eat a pretzel and mustard (which sadly disappointed) and ended up scoping out a table in the gardens of a tent. Time for my Hefeweizen – it was awesome, nothing like in the states, how can I get more of this? We made great friends with the German couple across from us, and talked so long that we lost track of our whole afternoon. A quick glance at the clock and we took off running to the train station to catch the very last train out of Munich to Zurich.

That’s when the headache and the hangover started to kick in…. yikes…. And we still had a four hour train ride to go. Ella was wonderful throughout the whole trip. She loved the people, the fair activities, and the music- so easy to please! On the train ride home, she was great for us, kept herself entertained with toys and talked endlessly of the ‘festival.’ Our day ended back at our flat, atop our hill at midnight.

Oh sweet bed, how I missed you.  
Yes, it was a crazy, fun filled, adventure packed day, but it was absolutely worth every minute of it

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