Saturday, September 26, 2009

To the Top of Zurich- Hiking Uetliburg

Today we had originally planned to take a trip to Oktoberfest, but we made a last minute decision at 11:30pm last night to move the trip to Sunday- less crowds, which increases our likelihood to be able to drink – very important. So, that left us with a whole day to explore Zurich- YES!
We decided to hike up 2800 ft to Uetliburg, ‘the Top of Zurich.’ While, there are trams and cable cars that will take you up the hill, we opted for the hike, and Ella got the free ride on John's back - thanks Dad!

It wasn’t too long of a hike, but it was a good climb. The top has been said to have impressive views of Zurich and the hills and even the peaks of the Alps on a good clear day. That was not today. Today was fog, cold, wind and more fog. Ugh. We could see part of Lake Zurich, but we couldn’t even see across to the hill we live on – go away fog! We did opt to climb tower on the hill, and that was merely a very cold decision, with no more than wind and fog to greet us. Oh well, we enjoyed ourselves anyway and are now putting it on our ‘to do’ list for the spring.

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