Monday, October 19, 2009

The best deal in Switzerland!

After spending multiple weekends traveling around Switzerland, we thought "we'd take it easy" and stay around Zurich for a weekend or two. You know, actually take time to enjoy the city we live in! The first weekend, I had a case of cabin fever, and had to get out and explore - I'm not great at being a 'home body.'
My rock star husband found a little wine festival going on in  Basel that day that we just couldn't pass up. Basel is about an hour north of Zurich, and a very easy trip on the train. I have to admit that we didn't actually spend anytime enjoying the city of Basel, we just walked straight to the wine festival to get down to business! (However, we did manage to walk across the Rhine river, pretty cool in my book.)
Here's the great deal- pay a 12chf entry fee, and drink until the kick you out! The laws in Basel (or maybe all of Switzerland) prohibit the wine sellers to sell individual bottles of wine at the festival, rather you order cases which are then shipped to you. So, you go in, chat up the wine sellers, drink good wine and enjoy!
We'll definitely be back to visit Basel in the next few months. Rumor has it that they have a fantastic Christmas market, and I am already gearing up for the holiday festivals and markets here! Get ready, that's all you'll see in my postings for the next two months!!!

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