Monday, October 19, 2009

Burkliplatz Farmer's Market

I am a sucker for a good Farmer's Market. If there is one in town, you bet we'll be there. I had been reading about the Burkliplatz market on various event calendars and other swiss blogs, Swiss story did a great write up of the market eariler this fall.

I have been dying to go, and today it happened to work out perfectly.

Rows of gorgeous flower stands, bakeries, breads, jams, produce, cheese, meat. All good enough to make you want to spend your life savings on your morning snack, lunch and dinner.

I happened to be heading somewhere that I needed the stroller, which was a mistake for the market - always go to a market stroller-free, making our way through the crowds was tricky, but I figured it was keeping me from getting too close to the vendors to do too much damage to my wallet.
The one booth that suckered me in was a bakery - a quick baguette to go, and then I spotted the Gugelhopf - a dry budnt cake like dessert that is very popular in Switzerland. I'd heard about it, and this was the perfect time to buy the little mini version and take it home to share with John. Jury is still out on if I'll try it again- not great, but good with your morning coffee. Baguette, however, was perfect.


  1. I love markets too. I've found that the Gugelhopf is not very good in Switzerland but buy it in the Alsace area of France and you will fall in love with these cakes!

  2. So beautiful!!! I have a feeling I'm going to be jealous of every post you write (except for the one in the bathroom and the panic button anyway!) HA!