Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall is upon us!

Yay! Fall has arrived, I love this time of year. I was reminded that fall was upon us a few days ago when Ella spent most of her time walking down the sidewalk kicking up all the fallen leaves on the ground- so fun! We’ve already made our trip to the Jucker Farms for the Pumpkin Festival, and should have started the search for a Halloween costume long ago, as they are too expensive here. Ella loved the pumpkins, the tractor, the bounce house, the animals and the playground. This is a MUST do fall activity for anyone in Zurich this season!

Ella with her new buddies - Mia, Ella and Anna (Geneva is ahead riding in the stroller)

Today we went to a park I have wanted to go to since our arrival. Irchel park is a little more than a mile from our house, quite a large park surrounded by trees, complete with a quaint little pond, and great running paths that crisscross through the park.

Rumor has it, there is a nice little playground too, but we never found it. Instead we found a large pile of big rocks that was great for climbing (so much better than a playground!) and found a place next to the water to make our own sandbox. Ella had a wonderful time climbing all over the rocks and running through the grass with her ball. Good old fashion two year old play. I played with her and reveled in the gorgeous sunshine.

She had a blast jumping off the rocks

We played for so long, that it was passing lunch time and we still had a potty trip to make and a trip to the grocery store, so we headed out of the park to finish up our errands. Zurich has these McClean Toilets (Water Closets) placed around the city for those, ‘gotta go’ moments. I had never been in one, but heard they are impeccably clean, and safe to use. In desperate times, we paid our 1chf and the doors opened for us with a fancy ‘whoosh’ sound. Everyone was right, it was clean, whew (knowing I had to bring a toddler in there that wants to touch EVERYTHING. As we enter, I accidently opened the door before we started to use it, then got worried that the water spraying cleaner thing would start on us. We are moving as fast as we can to go, use the bathroom, and as I’m looking for the flusher, Ella finds a Big Red Button and PUSHES it – yes – it’s the panic button. A loud siren goes off and the doors open immediately! We dash out of the toilet, and to my relief the siren goes off, the doors shut, and yes, I hear the water sprayer cleaner thing doing its job. All I can do is thank God that we both were ‘decent’ when the doors opened. Whew!

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  1. I LOVE the picture of Ella with the goats. So cute! Looks like you're having a ball on the other side of the world. Enjoy!