Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

"No, I'll do it myself!"

I can honestly say that Halloween is not my favorite holiday. I'm sure when I was a kid, I loved it. But, as I grow older, the whole concept of Halloween has lost the luster to me. However, this year, I may be singing a different tune. The thing about living with a toddler is that you can live through their eyes and their experiences, it puts a whole new spin on daily adventures. And helping Ella celebrate Halloween was a very fun experience for both of us.

Ella thought she was hilarious every time she looked in the mirror and saw her painted face!

Halloween is not a widely celerated holiday here, so costumes and celebrations are hard to come by. We were able to throw together a little ballerina/princess outfit and find a few Halloween activities to let Ella celebrate in the costume fun. She loved playing dress up in the poofy skirt and the crown, and was so pleased with her self when she would receive a treat during her 'trick or treat' party!
It was a pretty low-key holiday for us, but Ella had a great time, and we're both excited for next year when we're back in the states and can go for a good trick-or treat evening in the neighborhoods.

(crowded Gymboree party, Ella is down at the bottom of the pic) 

She played too hard at the party, thank goodness daddy was there to be a good pillow!

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