Thursday, October 22, 2009

My not so glamorous Swiss life

Today is one of those days that just has to be had every once in awhile. It's raining, there is laundry to do, the floors need to be cleaned, work to do at home. You know, I actually like having these cozy, infrequent, pajama days at home. When you're having them with a potty trained toddler, the days just aren't quite what they used to be. This morning she had a little number two accident. No problem, clean up and move on with our day, which is just what we did. Everyone has their own clean-up methods of such incidents - today, I happen to be soaking the undies in a bathroom sink before sticking them in the washing machine.
As the day moves on, Ella finds the wet undies, in the soaking water, brings them all the way across the house (which, mind you, is small enough that I can stand at one end, and see the other end) "Mama, my undies are all wet! Oh yeah, there's poop on them." Trailing behind her is a big, sopping wet path of the 'dirty' water she has brought with her.
Immediate clean up and sanitizing is in order. After washing hands, we tackle the floor. What tops off the clean up, that has brought me to me hands and knees to mop up the floor, is that now I'm a great 'horsey ride.'
Ella climbs on my back, starts singing 'go mommy, we have lots of cleaning to do, go mommy.'
No European castles for me today. Maybe I'll just eat swiss chocolate.


  1. Good activity, to test all so good swiss chocolate!! I love swiss chocolate. Today is also a raining day, I'll join you in this activity! ;-)
    Read you soon.

  2. Thanks Groseille! The chocolate was definitely a great treat for today! A warm hot chocolate might even be better!

  3. hahaha....such good icing on the cake that she jumped on your back! I'd be spiking that hot chocolate for sure!