Monday, September 7, 2009

Work, work, work

Yes, it has finally arrived, John goes back to work. Gasp, I know! He finished up with school at the end of April, so he has truly been on vacation for FOUR MONTHS. We have had a wonderful adventure during those months and really tried to soak up as much family time as we could before today arrived. Now he enters the Swiss work force. I don’t know much about the swiss working culture, and I don’t have to, because John’s office is actually part of the Munich office (and other Germany offices) so it’s their work ethic that we’re abiding by. That is the work culture that we’re learning about (and now living in!) Let me fill you in…. Wake up, leave for work around 7:45am, work until lunch, take a leisurely lunch with co-workers, head back and work, work, work some more. Then, I have recently learned, that you also have dinner every night with your team, and continue working in the office until you can’t keep your eyes open. So (while I did expect this) it’s now becoming a reality. Now we begin the time when John has to work hard at learning a new work environment, new methods of work, new cases, new co-workers, and I have to learn how to explore Zurich with a toddler! (and no car!!!)

I also had a doctors appointment today, should be a routine experience, right? I did all my traveling research, figured out the train to take, the stop to get off, and how to get there – sounds easy. What I didn’t check was the order of the stops – on my route there were two stops with the same station name! Naturally, seeing my stop, we got off the train, wandered around for twenty five minutes in the heat and finally call John (on his first day of work) in a panic – I’m lost! He spends his time figuring out that I did in fact get off at the wrong station, and I need to get back to the train, and try again. Thanks John! During this long adventure, Ella was insistent that we were going to visit Dr. Seuss – she knew I was going to the doctor, but the only doctor she knows is Dr. Seuss. Boy was that a disappointing adventure for her.

My goal for the year is to work through a book I am in LOVE with, In and around Zurich with Kids, published by the New Stork Times. If you don’t have it yet, go buy it today! You can find it online at….. or Orell Fussli English bookshop on Bahnhofstrasse 70.
Follow my travel adventures here as we explore kid friendly places in Zurich, and please share any other good kid friendly places you know too!

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