Monday, November 9, 2009

Adventures at the Langenburg Animal Park

I think I had been spending a little too much time this week in the crowds of the Swiss while running little city errands (aside from our Zoo trip yesterday!) For a change of pace, Ella and I decided to go on a little forest adventure. Using the train network, you can so easily navigate all kinds of trails and parks that are intertwined throughout all the hills that surround the city. From the Zurich HB, we hopped on S4 which took us directly to the Wildpark Hofli stop, walked under the station and headed for the hills to the Animal park. (It is also accessible on the other side of the hill via a couple buses, and they have plenty of parking too.)

The trails here are so well marked with signs directing you when the trail splits, and in this particular park, it tells you which animals are down that path. We had to do a little hiking to go over the hill to get to the animals, but the hike through the forest was wonderful. Autumn leaves covered the trail, we were surrounded by a myriad of gorgeous fall colors, perfect for a toddler to play in!

(I didn't bring a stroller, but it is absolutely stroller friendly if you choose to bring one.)

We came upon the wolves first - this was by far our favorite part! - there was an entire pack of wolves that seemed to be 'running laps' around the trees.

We then moved on to the restaurant area that had some boars, mountain cats, bears, a restaurant, some big grill pits and a playground.

This big net play structure spun around. Ella loved it, I can't say that I share the same feelings...

We picniced, played and then started our hike back down the hill.  I have routinely seen 'funny sign' posts on other swiss blogs. I'll have to add this sign to the mix....

We spent over two hous wandering around up there, and could have easily spent two more.  On the way back down, Ella discovered that leaves and sticks and rocks were great toys to collect, and deemed me the 'holder' of such treasures.

I think we collected most of the forest by the time we reached the bottom of the hill- she had a blast, and I can't wait to return!


  1. WOW!!! Looks like a beautiful park!! The wolves were so cool!!! I can't get over the leaves and trees...puts new england to shame! So great to see a pic of YOUR smiling face with ella-too cute!!!

  2. Gorgeous--what a beautiful place! I love reading your blog, Kim--keep posting!

  3. Thanks for sharing. I've been meaning to check out that park and now definitely want to!

  4. Sarah loved this park when she was little! Stella has never been there, because she was only 5 months old when we moved to NY. Now that we are back, I always looking for activities to do with her while Sarah is at school, and this is a perfect time to visit the Wild Animal Park (as we call it :-)). Thank you for reminding me, I remember it is just gorgeous there in the fall!

  5. sorry, I just realized I posted exactly what I was thinking, and you don't even know me :-)

    Sarah is my 10 year old, Stella is my youngest, 3 1/2. My husband is Swiss and we used to live here, then we moved to NY, and just returned in August. Maybe you and Ella want to meet us for a playdate sometime?

    Thank you for the lovely post and beautiful photos!

  6. Wow kim! This looks like such a beautiful park... one that should be visited again in the spring... wolves were awesome! Also loved the picture of you and Ella - that's a framer!