Monday, November 30, 2009

The Land of Cheese was Calling Us

John and I had been hearing wonderful things about a town east of Zurich called Appenzell, more particularly, we had been eating and loving the Appenzell cheese!
While this would have been very accessible by train, we had a car this particular weekend and chose to drive through the GORGEOUS country. While I didn't have anything in particular planned for the visit, it was a great day trip. We just walked the streets, sipping gluhwein (It's my new favorite holiday beverage! Check out Swisstory for a post) from a street hut, tried our first Biberbrot from the local bakery (a sweet breaded pastry filled with marzipan), and had a quick little lunch in a local cafe. Perfect afternoon with the family!


Strolling along the streets of Appenzell

The mountain ranges were stunning! I think a trip back to go hiking in the area is definitely on our list this year. (Funny that list keeps growing and growing....)

On our way home we decided to swing by Jucker Farms to let Ella play for awhile, and see what new items they had in their market. While we were there, we were excited to see that a gorgeous sunset was beginning to shine over the Alps.


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