Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Part 2: Traveling Rome and Milan

Yes, this is an overdue post, but at least it's getting up here!
We hit all the major tourist attractions while in Rome and Milan. Well, we may not have actually gone in and fully experienced all the sights, however, we probably walked by it, thought, "Wow, that's amazing" and kept walking on by to the next site. Our touring was hindered by two obstacles :
1. the blistering heat
 2. Ella
Going in and out of museums, stopping at every major attraction for hours on end, does not exactly make for happy two year old travelers. So we picked the highlights we wanted to hit, and skimmed over the rest, but we were happy to do so.

I think the highlights for me weren't so much the sights, but more the food, wine, gelato and coffee! I fell in love with the cappuccino's and practically dragged poor (sick) Justin to the cafe every morning so I could get my fix- such a trooper! We were lucky enough to be visiting dear friends of ours that have lived there for over two years, so they know all the good little haunts that we otherwise would have missed. Without any complaint, Courtney played 'tour guide' for two very hot days in a row. She was amazing, and we never had to open a map, or wonder where to go next. She led us happily through the parks and the monuments with a smile on her face. Thank you Courtney!

Now, for the food -  The restaurant I loved is called Maccheroni - very small little cafe, with mouth watering pasta dishes and great house wine.

We visited Dar Poeta for fantastic Italian pizza, Il Brillo Parlante for a great lunch, and a Chocolate Mascarpone Cappucino that nearly made me fall out of my chair, it was so delightful. And to break up our touring, we were treated to the best Gelato in town- San Crispino - a teeny tiny little shop, down a teeny little street with the most creamy gelato in delicious, original flavors. This is a must visit for any trip to Rome.

Thanks guys we had a great trip!!

We also made a two night stop over in Milano to break up our trip home, and tour Milan! It was a great stop, we saw all the highlights and spent hours exploring the city .

On our train ride back to Zurich, we stopped in Brig, Switzerland for a few hours. We had been admiring the alps from our train window, but really wanted to get out and visit a small little ski town.

Brig was the perfect stop -full of little shops, restaurants, and packed with gorgeous views. You can't go wrong with a visit to Brig.



  1. I agree that sometimes the best part of trips are when you slow down and eat and just relax. I'm an American with a checklist like anyone else, but there's something to be said for letting a city guide you and not the other way around.

  2. What a cool trip!!!! Sounds like it was 100% amazing-so lucky you had friends to give you the grand tour! And, brig looks like a bit of heaven--cool pictures!!!