Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Penguin Parade

When we moved to Zurich, I naturally spent way too much time searching for things to do with a toddler in the city. One of the first things I found was the Winter Penguin Parade at the Zurich City Zoo. Even though I have this terrible fear of birds, I thought Ella would LOVE this and I could not wait for November to arrive. 
Today was a beautiful day in Zurich, and we just happened to wander up to the zoo in time for the parade! It has to be less than 10degrees (C) outside for the penguins to come out, and today it was just below that temperature mark. Ella kept saying, 'the penguins are going to a parade! Watch they're coming out of that gate!"
The zoo keepers let the penguins out at 1:30 sharp, every day in the winter. They walk out of their gate, down the little paved path and back around to their 'home.' Ella thought it was hilarious, and wanted to follow them all the way - they were just about her size. Of course, today was the only day we didn't have a camera with us. But, I'm sure there will be more penguin parade days to come this winter!


  1. I love it...I'm guessing you're going to hate the penguins by the time your winter is over :)

  2. I loved the penguins at the Zurich zoo. Them and the monkeys.