Monday, November 30, 2009

Räbechilbi Richterswil

I have been looking forward to the holiday season since our arrival here. I love learning about the Swiss traditions and the different celebrations that they do over here. The one that really took my by surprise was the Rabechilbi in Richterswil. The town of Richterswil has won the award from the Guness Book of World Record for the most Turnips/candles lit at one time, over 50,000! The tenants that live along the parade route are required to turn off their lights, letting the parade of only candles in turnips put on a good show. It was VERY crowded, and it started raining, but Ella enjoyed every minute of it. She loved the canons that start the parade, and she was enthralled with every lit up float that went by. This was definitely a neat event to go to, but leave your stroller at home, and be prepared for crowds. Here's just a few of the pics we took - so neat to see the homes have their windows lined wtih candles. The city lights a canon to alert the town to turn their lights off, then a second canon to start the parade. What a great way to start off our holiday season!

Ella was exhausted after the parade, time for bed!

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