Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Zurich Weinmesse

It was a gorgeous weekend afternoon, and we were dressed in hiking gear, ready to climb up the hill behind our house into the forest, when John realized this may be our only chance to go to the wine ships! While Ella had been excited to go on a hiking adventure, she was thrilled to be going on some big boats! A quick change of clothes and we were out the door headed down the hill instead of up it! I know what you're thinking.... two wine festivals posted so close together.... yeah, you can come to the conclusion that it's time for us to find other things to do while we're in Zurich!

However, this was a can't miss opportunity! Every year, around early November, Zurich holds the Zurich Weinmesse on 12 ships docked at the Burkliplatz in downtown Zurich.

You pay 20chf per person, and enter in to a dock lined with hundreds of flags, hundreds of eager wine drinkers, and hundreds of bottles of wine ready to be consumed- it's pure joy! There is a Fondue/Raclette ship just in case you need a little snack break, along with a couple brat venders to keep everyone happy.

 Once we were there, Ella was directing us around, wanting to go in and out of the boats and walk along the water.  I would highly recommend going on an afternoon trip, as the weekend nights are too crowded to actually enjoy yourselves. If you're contemplating taking a baby/toddler, it's manageable, but I'd recommend that babysitter. We were one of three families there, and it was not exactly ideal, but we made it work and Ella was happy to be there.

While the wine was very good, I think our favorite part may have been standing on the end of the dock watching the fog lift up over the Alps at the end of the lake. It was definitely a, "Holy, cow, I can't believe we live here" moment!


  1. Such a cute pic of ella! Sounds like a really cool wine tasting experience!!!

  2. Ah, I love the Zurich lake. There is something almost magical about watching the expanse of the lake with the Alps in the back, and the green of the parks and hills on the side.

    And the ducks and swans... I bet Ella loved the ducks as much as my Stella does!