Saturday, December 12, 2009

I heart Einsiedeln

Our travels recently took us to Einsiedeln - a small little town, 45 minutes south of Zurich. It was an easy train commute, perfect for a day trip away from the city. Eisiedeln seems to get good reviews all year long, but I wanted to go to see their Christmas market and the Abbey that sits as a backdrop for the city. There's also plenty snow/mountain activities going on throughout the winter. There is sledging behind the Abbey, and two ski resorts set behind the city with skiing, and toboggan runs! As we hopped off the train, and headed down the main street, we were greeted by the wooden huts and happy shoppers bundled from head to toe. The town was covered in snow, which probably just encouraged our excitement for hot Gluhwein! But instead of starting with Gluhwien, we came across a vendor selling Öpfelchüücheli - I told John, 'this is a must have during the Christmas season in Switzerland.' I had read about it, and this cold day was perfect  for such a hot treat. Öpfelchüücheli is deep fried, battered apple rings covered in cinnamon and sugar,  and topped with Vanilla sauce. Seriously delicious! Then we topped it off with a hot beverage and started exploring around the abby.
We had a wonderful day walking around the city - a great day trip for anyone here!

I'm pretty sure you won't find these on any health food list

Looking down the main street onto the town of Einsiedeln

 The gorgeous Monestary

This Monastery is the site of a Black Madonna  "The hermit holy image belongs to the series of famous black Madonnas in Europe. Black made it over the centuries by dust and soot                                     of candles, oil lamps and incense. 1803 face and hands were painted over with black paint" (thanks to the monastery webpage)

ready for gluhwein

Starting up the little hill on our 'snow hike'

" uh oh, daddy my mitten is falling off"



Jumping in the snow

Looking over the town of Einsiedeln

When we got back from playing in the snow, the Santa's had arrived.

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