Sunday, December 27, 2009


After dragging my family in the cold weather to the anti-climactic Samiclaus swim, I felt the need to redeem myself. I found the perfect opportunity, the Lichterschwimmen. This is Zurich's traditional festival of floating lights which is celebrated every December. Young school children release hundreds of miniature candle boats from the Stadthausquai quay, to float peacefully down the Limmat River.

Ella was so excited to see all the candles, she walked over a mile to get there. She was rewarded for her perseverance with a beautiful sight, and a surprise from her dad! John was able to leave work a little early to come down and see the candles with us, a special treat for me and  Ella any day of the week! Sorry the pictures aren't more clear, the first picture is where all the candles were docked and kids were releasing them into the river. The second is a picture of the TINY little candles floating, floating, floating.


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  1. You're so funny! ("needing to redeem myself...")Looks so cool!