Thursday, December 10, 2009

Samiclaus Swim

  On a brisk Sunday afternoon, I told John, "we have to be down at the river at 2pm! There will be over 300 people dressed in santa swimwear jumping in the ice cold river to swim across." Those crazy Swiss.
I had added this little event to my 'must see Swiss Christmas activities' list, can't say that I would do it again next year. We happened to be in the area around 2pm, (or, I made John and Ella stay downtown until 2pm) so it was convenient enough to watch. We just hung out near pier 7, and waited for the 2:00 church bells to ring. Right on time, the prompt Swiss, Santa's began jumping in the river .... Brrrr! We had envisioned ALL of the participants swimming at once, but that would be too unorganized for the Swiss, so we watched the first 20 people swim across the river with their santa hat and floating sleigh. A pretty funny event to watch, but I can't say that I'll be sad next year when we miss it.

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  1. So random, huh?!!! At least you're doing it all!!!