Wednesday, December 23, 2009

So many Christmas markets, So little time

As the holiday season was quickly approaching, I had my calendar in hand planning to visit every Christmas event possible (big surprise, I know.) I had heard wonderful things about all of the neat little Christmas Markets within Switzerland and around Europe. I could not WAIT to go to them. I found a website that had every market in the country, and figured out which ones I should go to, and what days would be best for the trip (as it would just be me and Ella most of the time.)  I am sad to admit that my enthusiasm for the markets quickly dissolved after my first market. It quickly became apparent that, while the markets have great charm and that holiday feel, you won't get different experiences at the different markets. While varying in size, they are pretty similiar. But, with that, here is my second Christmas market experience - the ChristKindli Markt in the Hauptbahnhof (Main train station.) It's Europe's largest indoor Christmas market, with a stunning Christmas tree as it's center piece. The tree is decorated with Swarovski crystals, and definitely the highlight of the market.


I am in love with these hand carved wooden candle holders. Each one has a unique design, and they come in all shapes. Designed so the heat from the lit candles spins the small carousel. A perfect European Christmas gift for family or yourself! They don't come cheap, this little gem will run you 310chf!


One of our favorite holiday things to see around the city is the MarliTram. This festive cable car is driven by Santa himself, accompanied by his angels. The trolley picks up kids at a designated stop (ages 4 and up) and drives them around town. Santa is the driver, and during the trip, the angels take care of the kids, read them stories and give them a snack. What a great holiday adventure for kids!


  1. Oooh-I've seen those wooden candle things before--so cool! Maybe santa will deliver ;)

  2. We had a metal version of the wooden candle thing growing up. It was awesome, however, my mom's sweater caught on fire after reaching across the table. stop, drop, and roll works wonders.