Monday, December 7, 2009

A Thankful Thanksgiving in Rome and Tuscany

Looking over all of Rome on Thanksgiving day

If you can't spend the holiday's with family at home, what better way to spend your time then with wonderful friends and a trip to Italy!  We made another visit to Justin and Courtney for Thanksgiving. They were, once again, wonderful hosts and treated us to a fantastic Thanksgiving feast. We toasted to spending time with good friends and our families back home.

The next morning, we wandered around the streets, enjoying the life of the city on a Friday morning. Justin took us to one of Rome's most famous coffee shops, La Casa Del Caffe, (near the Pantheon) that was closed the last time we were visiting - so excited to try it this time- delicious!

Ella loved the few horses that were lined up in front of the Pantheon

After our pleasant day of wandering the streets of Rome, we started to head north to Tuscany. We crammed 4 adults and one toddler in a car seat into a Panda Fiat- we were literally all in a clown car. Crammed conditions and all our bags, Justin drove the group to our little hotel in Montepulciano. We arrived late Friday night, and the owner was gracious enough to serve us a late dinner in the dining room, and was happy to cater to Ella with small plates and delicious food for everyone! We stayed at the Agriturismo La Bruciata, and I would happily stay there again. We had a two bedroom, two bathroom apartment with a small kitchen/living area. We woke up Saturday morning to a beautiful sunrise, highlighting the gorgeous grounds of the hotel, and looking over the hills of Tuscany.

Our hotel




Walking through the streets of Montecino


Ella wanders through the castle grounds in Montecino

Wine tasting in Montecino

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  1. OMG your hotel looks amazing!!! Glad it was a fun Thanksgiving!!!! I loved the pics of Ella with the horse and also under the wine barrel :)