Saturday, December 26, 2009

We attempted to find beer...

at the Rapperswil Christmas market. But all we found was some less than average Gluhwein, a very cold evening, and yet another carousel, of course...
On a Friday evening, I received an email about a special booth at the Rapperswil Christmas market that was sampling great British Beers and British cheeses. We decided to head over there on Saturday evening, after our day trip to Engelberg.
Perfect, I thought, John will love a chance to get to sample non-swiss beer. I have to say, after two other markets, I didn't really feel the need to go to yet another market, let alone drag my whole family, but when beer is a possibility, we will endure.

We looked and looked, but found no beer. I'm sure the booth was there somewhere, we just didn't look hard enough. After a cup of rather disappointing Gluhwein, a carousel ride, a kiddie train ride, and a walk up the abbey stairs to snap a picture of the market, we were cold and tired and ready to go home. We took a quick walk up around Rapperswil (which is a darling little town, perfect for a Saturday stroll in the spring, and complete with a kinderzoo) to find the British Brewery that was also having a tasting event. Naturally, that was too far away for us too. So we took ourselves home, climbed into bed and slept soundly until morning.  Maybe we'll try the brewery another weekend, or maybe not.



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