Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Who knew that Samiclaus lived in the Woods

In my quest to experience every Swiss Holiday event this season, we set out for the woods today. We set out for the woods in the rain and cold, after it had been raining ALL night. Equipped with rain boots, rain jackets, hats, gloves, scarves and umbrella's, we were ready for our little hike. Our destination? Samichlaus in his Waldhüsli (cabin.) Samichlaus has been visiting kids in his cabin since 1987, and for us, it was something we had to experience (even if it was all in swiss german!)
We dutifully followed all of the signs to to the top of the hill, kicking mud up our legs, wiping rain from our faces, only to arrive at the cabin and see TWO huge classes of kids waiting in front of us. It was a LONG wait to get in that hut, but we made it! We joined two other groups of pre-school aged kids (and thank goodness we did!) We were escorted by Schmutzli to the back room where a wood stove heated the room, and Samichlaus sat in a red satin chair. The kids gathered around on a rug, and listened to stories and asked him questions. Then the teachers had the kids sing a round of Christmas songs to Samichlaus. We listened and clapped to the songs, and smiled at Samichlaus. Overall, we were in the cabin for about ten minutes, then as we left Schmutzli handed each of the kids an apple or peanuts to take with them. Back to the rain, and down the muddy hill. I would definitely make this a 'must do' if you ever have the chance. Make sure you over dress both yourself and your kids, it's stroller friendly if you want to go that route, and pack LOTS of snacks and drinks to keep your kids going in the cold weather!

Following the signs in the woods

We made it!

Samichlaus leading the kids out of the cabin

 Greeting the kids at the door

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