Monday, January 4, 2010

Beer makes good birthday even better!

Happy Birthday! It's official! My wonderful, handsome husband has entered his 30's!
To celebrate this year we made and wrapped presents, made a berry pie, berry tarts, and had mimosa's and chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast yesterday. Tonight we're even going out on a date for dinner!

On Saturday we went with our friends Sebastian, Ashely and their daughter Geneva to the 'Last Bier Stop before Heaven!' What better way to celebrate John's birthday then drinking beer!!!

When we arrived in Zurich in August, we quickly discovered that there was a small brewery located south of Davos, that looked fantastic. The longer we lived here, the more we discovered that the Swiss beers were less than palatable, and the more hopeful we became that we could find good beer in the mountains. I thought that venturing out to the brewery would be a perfect celebration for John's 30th birthday. We left in the morning, and stopped in Klosters for lunch. Our original plan was to head up the Madrisa Mountain in Klosters, but we were so fogged in, no mountain peaks to be seen, that we opted to stay in town and enjoy the snow from the cozy indoors of the restaurant.

Here's the little tiny break of sun we saw that day

Nestled up close to the brick pizza oven, we enjoyed a quiet lunch before heading to Monstein. Then we met up with our buddies, and stopped at the Rinerhorn for some sledding (which Ella slept through :o) And then finally arrived at the Brewery!

A small, two story building greeted us as we cautiously drove up the mountain roads in search of beer. We were a little bit early, so we peeked in the building, and only saw the brewing tanks, and bottling facilities, no place for tasting! Upstairs? Maybe we should go upstairs? Nope, nothing up there either. Hmmmm..... We peeked next door, nope, no beer there. We looked in the restaurant across the street, nope that wasn't it. As we're starting to feel a little desperate, we see a group of 10 people head in the brewery - Great! we're in business. Wait, now we're in the building and all we see, again, are the brewing tanks. Ok, down the little ramp, around the corner, and yes, we've found a small door heading into the basement- I can hear the beer being poured, we made it! We headed down to the teeny tiny cellar and we were immediately greeted with three big samples of their brew - delicious!

We liked one of the beers so much, we even left with a 2 liter bottle of beer to keep us company in Zurich!

We proceeded to spend the remainder of the evening in the quaint restaurant across the street. It was part of the Monstein hotel, and was still very quiet as the skiers had not come back from their day on the slopes. The best part was the play room that was adjacent to the restaurant. The girls had a BLAST running back and forth, and tearing the play room apart. While the adults sat happily, ate dinner, drank beer and wine and had actual conversation!! Thanks friends for joining us- we had a great day!

Happy Birthday Handsome, I love you! Thanks for making my life so special. You're a wonderful husband and a wonderful father!

The Dad's and their Girls!


  1. HURRAY!!!!! Glad you FINALLY found good beer!!!! Happy Birthday John!!! Your year just got that much better!

  2. So glad you commented on my blog so I could link yours to mine. I look forward to staying up with your adventures in Zurich. Happy New Year!

  3. Yay for beer!! Happy late birthday John! What a wonderful way to enter into your thirties!! We're happy to have you join us!