Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Casa Ferlin

I love giving gifts. Every year I struggle with my 'allotted' holiday gift giving budget, and what I really want to buy for family and friends. This year was particularly tricky for me because I was trying to send meaningful gifts back home, while avoiding paying for shipping from Switzerland, and sticking to a small holiday budget. I would give myself a C or a C+ for the year. My parents, however, get an A! My mom (who is living in the US) was able to find a fantastic restaurant, close to our house, and arranged (via email) for us to have dinner there! One of our friends graciously volunteered to watch Ella, while we dined (and simultaneously celebrated John's 30th birthday.)

This was officially our 'first date' in Zurich! (I know, we've been here for 4.5 months, and this is our first date - but we've managed to have quite a bit of fun without those little dates) Regardless, we soaked up every minute of time by ourselves, and savored every bite of our dinner.
I know what you're thinking, "That's all great Kim, but did you really need to write a post about you going to dinner with your husband?"
Answer- Nope, I didn't. It was what happened at dinner that has us, and many others here, completely baffled.

We sit down, peruse the wine list, order a couple glasses of wine, and eventually got around to ordering dinner. We were trying to be somewhat conscious of the cost of dinner, and our slowly expanding waist lines, and opted to skip the app's, and the 1st course, and instead just order a main course.

Dinner arrives, it's WONDERFUL. Noodles were homemade, sauce was not too heavy, and side of veggies were so flavorful, I was wishing that was all I was having for dinner.
We take our time eating dinner. John finishes and I have a couple big noodles left on my plate. The waiter comes over with a SECOND full plate of noodles, takes my plate away (which still has some food on it) and replaces it with an exact replica of the first dinner I had just eaten. WHAT? Then he also removes John's empty plate and replaces it with, yep, ANOTHER DINNER. Seriously. What are we missing. We just ate a great meal, and now we have the exact same dinner in front of us again. I was stuffed, so eating another full plate of dinner was not exactly what I had in mind, but pleased and surprised none the less that they were giving us MORE food.
We looked around, and this didn't seem to be happening at any other table, just ours. We also were only charged for one entree per person. The only thing we could conjure up is that we were given two 'half-orders' rather than one 'full order' because we did not order any other courses. So bizarre!

I haven't eaten in many restaurants here, but Casa Ferlin is a great choice if you're looking for a quiet, upscale Italian restaurant. But, go there hungry, because you'll be served a TON of food!
Thanks to Mom and Dad for a wonderful dinner, and giving us a great night out too! We wouldn't have found this place without you!

Casa Ferlin
Stampfenbachstrasse 38
8006 Zürich
044 362 35 09

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