Friday, March 5, 2010

How the Swiss view Americans

During our weekly trip to pre-school we always pass this bar. 
I just recently discovered that it is an 'American Bar.' 
I should have guessed just looking at the cartoon man. 
Nobody in Switzerland looks like that.


  1. Sooooo true. I had a swiss exchange student friend in high school and she thought all Americans were fat. (which, if you saw awkward lanky me in high school, was clearly an overgeneralization) What on earth is Snooker? Maybe I'm only the drink-food-billard-darts part amreican.

  2. yeah, i had to look up Snooker- it's similar to pool, bigger table, different rules, etc. who knew!?

  3. Kim!!! I was in the pharmacy yesterday and saw a murse! The guy was sitting next to me in the waiting area (why do you always have to wait at the pharmacy, even when you've called in your order?). Anyway, I couldn't figure out a subtle way to take a pic. Oh well.


  4. So i have been a total slacker and have finally read up on your blog... All i have to say is, Kick ass. I am glad you guys are having a blast over there. We totally wish we could go and visit you guys but due to reasons as you know we are totally bummed. I wonder if John will start the murse trend or begin a metrosexual trend of wearing clothing lines like Prada.