Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tell the Zookeeper....

the lemur is loose!


The Zurich Zoo is a place we are very fond of. It's so close to our house and we bought an annual pass, so we go there quite often. Ella loves it every time, and gives her a chance to run and play with out the hustle and bustle of city life surrounding her every move (I love that part too!) One of my favorite places in the zoo is their Masoala Rainforest. It is a huge, enclosed rainforest complete with a little lake, a waterfall, it's saturated with gorgeous tropical vegetation, plenty of birds, huge turtles, ducks, fish, lizards, and lemurs. The best part is that the temperature and humidity are kept so high, it feels like a tropical summer vacation. Today, we spotted one of the red lemurs down at our level. (usually they hang out high up on the tree tops)
(Sorry for the foggy pics, the humidity makes it difficult to take photo's while you're in there)

Peek- a - boo

I love this shot - The lemur had just jumped from his post on the tree, onto MY FOOT, and stayed in the path just long enough for me to snap his retreat back into the trees. 

Back to play just a little bit more

What surprised me is that John and I were much more interested in watching the lemur than Ella was, she just wanted to run and play (but what more does a two year old want, really)

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