Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Weekend with Good Friends

Way back in January, we happily spent our time with good friends that came up to Zurich for a quick visit. We toured Zurich one day, and toured a small part of Switzerland the second day. Even in the freezing weather, we had a great time roaming around the city, trying new restaurants, and finding new shops.
We stopped for breakfast at Cafe Odeon   "One of the most historic cafes in Zurich, since it first opened its doors in 1912 the Odeon has been patronized by such figures as Lenin and Trotsky, Mata Hari, Thornton Wilder, Mussolini, James Joyce and various other colorful types" (Thank you The bar cafe was gorgeous, a great stop for a morning coffee before seeing the sites.

For lunch we stopped at a locals bar The Rheinfelder Beer Hall, in Aldstadt (old town), and ate a sampling of a typical swiss meal.  I've been hearing about the minced veal with mushroom sauce, and spaetzle (egg noodles) - it was as good as all the reviews made it out to be. So glad I finally got to try it! Everyone else indulged in treats like Bratwurst, rosti, cordonbleu, and veal. Can't get much more swiss than that. 

After lunch we wandered into Peclard to sample some macarons (they also have a restaurant and tea shop which I hope to make it to one day!) Then we stumbled upon this little shop I had read about when we first moved here.  Schnapps Boutique. It's a tiny little shop filled with hundreds of gorgeous glass bottles full of liquors, vinegars, sherrys, etc. We were able to sample a few flavored schnapps that had been warmed in hot water, loved them, and left the shop with our very own little bottle to have as a digestif.  

On Sunday we hit the road and toured the mountain towns of Chur, Davos and Klosters. Because everything in Switzerland shuts down on Sundays, Chur was pretty quiet, but a quaint little town to wander through.


After a gorgeous drive over the mountains, we stopped in Davos to stretch our legs and breath that fresh mountain air (and nearly freeze ourselves to death!) As we were walking down the town, we came upon this path that led up the hill. We just kept walking and walking up until we came across some lovely views of the snow covered city. 


We also treated ourselves to some homemade fondue! I borrowed a pot and a recipe from a friend of mine and attempted to melt cheese! How hard can it be, right? Hmmm, the whole melting process was easy.
The thickening process proved to be a little more challenging. Clearly, I missed a step a long the way. But, after a long long wait, everything came together and we devoured our yummy pot of fondue in our little swiss house. Perfect!

Thanks for the visit Justin and Courtney! Can't wait to see you again - probably stateside next time!


  1. WOW-you guys are busy! I love the family pic....Ella is SO UP for your adventures-it is awesome! I knew you'd be ok with all the walking in the snow.....if John could hang in a CO blizzard in running shoes and you feeling massively pregnant with E, Switzerland can offer nothing you can't handle :) Glad there were amazing views to see!

  2. When did you even have time to post this while we were visiting!

  3. Had them scheduled ahead of time- we were busy having way to much fun for me to actually post this while you guys were here!