Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Crossing things off my Zurich List

I love lists. I can't help it, I love them. I make them for EVERYTHING. And I love crossing things off my list.

Those of you that have known me through our many moves over the past 8 years, know that I have made a "To See/Do/Eat" list in every city I've lived in. As I get closer to the move-out date for that particular city, you can bet I'm out doing as much on that list as possible. It's ok, you can feel sorry for John, I drag him everywhere. He makes fun of me, but secretly, I think he's learning to like my lists. In fact, this time around he actually made his OWN 'to see' list!

My "City List" got a little face-lift when we moved to Europe. I now not only have a 'Zurich list,' I also have a 'Switzerland list,' and a 'Europe list.' The exciting part is that we are working to doing things on each of the lists! The sad thing is that they have been continuing to grow faster than we can do most of the activities.
(I do know that we are really lucky to be here and actually have that problem.)

This weekend we opted to stay in town, which meant John humored me as I happily got to 'cross things' off my Zurich list. Hooray!

Saturday we roamed the city enjoying the much loved sunshine. We ate lunch at a restaurant I have been dying to get to. Hiltl. It is probably Zurich's most popular vegetarian restaurant, if not one of their most popular restaurants in general. I had read about it when we first arrived, and the praise kept coming in, so I knew that I would make it there eventually. Verdict: amazing. It's definitely not food for everyone (read - meat lovers), but I could have eaten everything they had. After cleaning his plate, John said, 'now, can we go get a Brat?'

Their set up is different than anything I've seen in any other restaurant (although I think there are a few other places in Zurich that have a similar set up.) You have three options for dining:
1. Seated at their restaurant with a menu (most expensive)
2. Sit at their bar, go through a HUGE buffet line, weigh your plate, and pay by weight.
3. Going through their buffet and doing the 'take-away' option. You weigh your plate, but the same plate you would have weighed to sit at the bar, is cheaper if you're doing take-away.

We opted for sitting at the bar. It was crowded on our Saturday afternoon visit, but we managed to grab a seat and some food. I will say that we both knew the food was spendy, so we tried to keep our plates 'lite' and still ended up paying more than we wanted. And, we didn't leave with very full bellies, but I was HAPPY anyway!  Sadly, I don't know that I'll make it back b/c there are so many other places I want to try before we leave, but I'm so glad we got to share a nice lunch there as a family.

The outdoor seating area on our Sunny Saturday

Then we were off on a walk to another item on my Zurich list. First, a quick stop in a park we wandered by.

Then we made it to the Freitag Store. When we moved here, I started seeing these Freitag messenger bags all around town. Guys have them, girls have them, if you're Swiss, you have one. The Freitag brothers started making messenger bags from used/recycled truck flaps and the straps from old seat belts (read their history and concept here. Read the production too, it's pretty interesting.) Because they're using such sturdy fabric, their bags can make it through just about any type of weather and damage you can throw at them, and every bag is an 'original.' Their original thought was to 'make something useful from waste,' the bag was made and their company was born.
And they even built their flagship store from recycled cargo containers.
Be prepared, this recycled bag will leave your wallet feeling about 180 chf  lighter, and that's just the basic bag.
(no, this isn't my bag, just a pic I took off the web)

Main Entrance

Sunday we went hiking. The weather was playing games with us in mountains surrounding Zurich, so we decided to hike the hills in town. We hiked up the Uetliburg (doing it faster than the first time we did it in September!) And then we hiked from the Uetliburg to the Felsenegg and took the cable car down the hill.Yes, this is the same trail that I posted about a few days ago, except this time we actually hiked up to the top, and John got to join us!

Leading the pack

Last stop on our weekend tour of Zurich. The Crazy Cow. We pass this restaurant on a regular basis when we walk from our house to the city center. We thought is looked hilarious at first, then kept reading good reviews about it, locals love it, food is good - thus we added it to our Zurich list. As we were passing by, John suggested we pop in for a quick drink to check it out. Obviously, we were the only ones that had that idea on a Sunday afternoon. (I guess we got lucky, 99% of businesses are closed on Sundays)
Verdict: Beer-ok, soup- good, bread served in a shoe.... different. We didn't really eat there, so can't report on the food, but the interior design of the restaurant was entertaining.


  1. Hi Kim!

    There's a new book out on the values of making lists. It's from a medical perspective, but I was excited to find out about it! I love lists, too!


  2. VERY cool kim! I bet you could sell some of your lists as travel guides :) Happy crossing stuff off your list!!! (Brooks is going to love seeing the Freitag store pics--right up his alley!)