Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hiking the Felsenegg to Uetliberg

Ella has been going to an English speaking pre-school for four months. And for those four months, I have been dying to get up into the hills above the pre-school and wander around. But, it's been TOO COLD and SNOWY for such exploration. Not any more. Last week the weather forecast for Thursday was good, so we jumped on our first chance to hike on top of the hills.

Thank you Mother Nature for bringing the sunshine out to play, if only just for a day or two.
Ella and I knew our sun time was going to be short lived, so we made good use of it!
The Alps came out to join us too. Thank you for reminding me why we love it here!

We hiked from the top of the Felsenegg to the top of the Uetliberg, along the Planetweg trail. I can't say it was the most exciting trail we have ever been on, but it made for a nice afternoon stroll with views of the Alps to keep us happy.

A little lunch before our hiking begins. 
Ella wouldn't sit on the benches to eat her lunch because she's decided that she's afraid of bugs. 

Telling me that there is a bug on the ground, and she wants it to leave. I found the bug, it wan an ant. 

There's the Uetliberg Tower, our destination

Just in case we get lost....

Looking down onto Zurich and Lake Zurich. We live on that hill opposite from where I'm taking the picture.

Looking over the opposite side of the Uetliberg

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  1. AMAZING pics, Kim! I laughed out loud at "ella decided she's afraid of bugs" and the picture of 'just in case we get lost.' You weren't kidding about all the signs!!! Glad you had a nice sunny (it's all relative!) day!!!