Tuesday, April 6, 2010

'Hiking' in the Zurichberg

It seems as though Spring is starting to slowly peak out from behind it's Winter blanket. And we are soaking up every minute we can. Last week, the afternoon was beautiful, so Ella and I went on our own little hike along the Zurichberg hills behind our house.

 Ella is ready to hike!
The beginning of our little hike, can't wait for the trees to bloom!

 Hello Blue Sky, It's lovely to see you

The Swiss have signs for everything: Wanderweg = Trail 
(just in case you forgot you were, in fact, on a trail)

Ella collected every rock and twig in the park

Now, I know we weren't moving really fast today, but to get passed by this elderly woman, now come on. On a side note: We saw quite a few elderly women walking through the park in their 'Sunday best' with fancy shoes on. I just don't get it.

 Spring is around the corner! We're ready for you!

 Taking a little rest to wait for our trolley

Of course, we can't have a nice little walk in the park without having an 'expat moment.' We took a trolley down the hill because Ella loves them. This was our first time on this trolley, and we were the only ones getting off at our stop. As I looked at the multiple buttons to push to open the trolley doors, I wasn't sure which one was the 'open' button. I quickly asked someone next to me, and she said that the button I was pointing to was indeed the 'open door' button. Wrong. I pushed the emergency button (which was green) instead of the open button which was red. Yes, the red button did say 'trucke offen' next to it in tiny letters, but the green button was highlighted and surrounded to be the main button. And in ALL other Zurich transit systems, the open button is green. It ended up being no big deal, just a call to the emergency police in Zurich, and thankfully a nice gal translated for me to tell them it was an accident. (Really, the Zurich police don't have anything to do anyway, so I was probably their highlight of the day.)

Just another day of awkward stares and looks of disgrace as we're exiting the train.


  1. I feel your awkwardness, Kim! I hope spring is full of gorgeous days for you and Ella to get out and explore. She's adorable!

  2. hahahaha--I would have gone for the green one too! Great pictures-the hike looks awesome!!! The b/w pic of Ella looks like you :)