Saturday, May 8, 2010


I started this blog after a few people had mentioned to me that it would be a great place to put our travels and experiences throughout the year. They were right! Along with logging all our travels and experiences, being a blog-writer in Switzerland has also led me to many other Swiss Ex-pat blogging websites that I may not have otherwise found. I have come to rely on many of these other bloggers to read about their travels, what were their favorite restaurants, sites to see, etc. These Swiss bloggers have guided us all through Switzerland, Germany, Italy and right into Alsace, France. 

Alsace is the 4th smallest region in France, located next to the German and Swiss borders. I would say (as would most other visitors to the area) that Alsace is generally 'confused.' The region has changed hands between Germany and France so many times, that it doesn't really know what part of it's heritage to celebrate, so it celebrates all of it. "Germanic traits remain in the more traditional, rural parts of the culture, such as the cuisine and architecture, whereas modern institutions are totally dominated by French culture" ( What Alsace does know, is their wine. We went for a visit to see the gorgeous country, the quaint towns, and taste the wine. Colmar and Strasbourg are the main cities in the region, and Colmar was where we had planned to spend the most time. However, we also really enjoyed driving through all the villages and admired the architecture, the hills, and the vineyards along the way. I think we really enjoyed this weekend visit because Alsace is a region that most American travelers don't go to because they just don't have the time when they're on their European vacations. And we would never have learned about and visited Alsace had we not lived here for awhile. We also loved the trip because the weather was gorgeous, we had a great time playing with Ella in all of the little towns, and the wine was GOOD! 

We saw these ceramics in a few shops in Alsace. These were a tip from a fellow Swiss blogger. I was in love with them before we ever arrived, and yes, I left Colmar with a pretty, red dish!

One the churches in Colmar (I know, I should know which church...)

Enjoying the weather during our outdoor lunch at Jupiler Cafe. 

The beginning of our Alsace Wine tasting- a sweet Gewurztraminer to start off lunch time.

The local fare- every one of our friends insisted that we try the Flammkuchen. It is a 'tart flambee' that the area is known for. The traditional toppings generally include creme fraiche, ham and onions. Delicious!

Couldn't pass up the mussels in a red wine sauce

Our first wine stop - Maurice Schoech. A very small family run winery, good wines, and their cat kept Ella entertained during our tasting

To me, this picture captured the villages in Alsace. The beautiful buildings, the flowers, the hills and the castle above the village. 

Most of the pictures below are from the town of Colmar

Think this was in Kaysersberg

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  1. amazing pictures, as usual!! Looks like such a cool city!