Monday, May 10, 2010

Arth- Goldau -Natur und Tierpark

On a particularly lovely weekend in April, we woke up to sunshine on a Saturday morning. We didn't have any set plans for the day, so John did some quick research and discovered that the train station was offering a ticket deal to see the Natur-und Tierpark in Arth-Goldau. It was a 45 min ride south of Zurich, with a short walk to the park, and a great excuse to visit a town we had not been to yet. We ended up having a great family day in the park, soaking up the sun and seeing some animals. It was so easy to get to, very stroller friendly and the park is big enough that even when it's crowded, it's not too overwhelming. However, I wouldn't say it's worth paying the for a full price ticket, great for a train ticket special on a sunny day.

Ella is looking for boats in the duck pond

The mountain goats have an open area for visitors to feed and mingle with them

Ella is not quite ready to be best buddies with this guy just yet

Ella insisted on having her own map, consulted it many times throughout the trip, and instructed us on the direction to go. Usually sounded like this, "I am just checking my map. Yep, it says go this way, then turn left."

Think they could break through the fence?

The Big Horn Sheep decided to come down for some snacks...

While taking this picture, I was trying to act brave in front of Ella, but secretly I was hoping that he wasn't going to knock me over

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  1. Ella's map skills made me laugh! Glad Kim vs. Ram (mountain goat or whatever it was) went ok for you!!