Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Vaduz, Liechtenstein and Bregenz, Austria

Liechtenstein, really, is there much to see in Liechtenstein? Nope, but we could not live right next door to this tiny little country and not make an effort to visit. Plus, it's one more country to add to our list of travels! 

We happened to borrow a car for the weekend in hopes of driving to Fussen, Germany to see the old castles and enjoy the country. Unfortunately, the cards were stacked against us with those plans, so we made a quick decision to head to Vaduz. (In reality, we had promised Ella that she was going to visit some castles in the morning, and after deciding that we couldn't make it to Fussen, we had to find another castle to visit so we wouldn't disappoint her.)

This was the castle we visited. We parked in 'downtown' Vaduz, and walked up the hill to the castle. Ella was a little disappointed that we couldn't actually visit the inside of the castle, but the castle is still an actual residence, they are not really keen on letting visitors tromp through their home. The castle is currently home the reigning prince of Liechtenstein and the Liechtenstein princely family.

Ella insisted on wearing her 'princess dress' (Because is has sparkles on it) and her 'princess crown' to visit the castle.

Looking over Vaduz. I know, I know, you're in awe.

Hiking back down the trail.

We came across some pretty flowers in bloom. I was hoping they were edelweiss, but I was wrong, just a little white flower.

After our short trip to Vaduz, we decided to head north in search of more castles and a nice drive. The weather had other plans for us. With low fog/clouds/rain there were no other castles to be seen. So, that landed us in Bregenz, which turned out to be the best part of the trip. After a quick drive through town, we walked right into this Gasthaus for a German (read: good) beer.

We were greeted with local Bavarian folks also enjoying their beer and playing some fantastic Bavarian music. Ella was in love. She went up and danced during their songs, twirled around in her dress, and clapped when they were finished. She got some big smiles out of those men. After they were done playing, we went up and said thank you. They got their accordions back out to play a song just for Ella - too sweet!  For those of you living in Portland - we compared this to an authentic visit to the Rheinlander!

Little Chapel next to the Gasthaus

Looking over Lake Konstance

I was in love with the flowers lining the waterfront!

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  1. BEAUTIFUL pics, as usual! That pic of Ella with the local band is amazing! LOVE the princess dress for the castles-Ella is quite the prepared traveler!