Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Constant Language Confusion

One of the Ex-pat bloggers I read occasionally posted a great description of learning/using German and Swiss German, and I had to share it with you!

"There is a clear progression of how English-speaking foreigners deal with learning German in Switzerland. It goes kind of like this:

1. Grüezi. Sprechen Sie Englisch?
2. I'm so excited to learn a new language!
3. I'll be fluent in no time!
4. Hallo, Schweiz! Der, Die, Das, ich kenne etwas!
5. Was? There is also a Den, Dem, Denen, and Des? Echt?
6. Now I'm too scared to talk. I'll get it all wrong.
7. Fine I'll talk. I'll just turn every der, die, das, den, dem, denen, anddes into a "duh".
8. I can talk now! I'll go to the flea market and show off! Was kostet das? Was? What is this "foyf" you're saying? I know my numbers, dang it!
9. Crap. I took three years of German and still understand nothing on the streets in Switzerland.
10. Grüezi. Sprechen Sie Englisch?"

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