Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Friday Fun

We woke up to...... (wait for it....) SUN on our Friday morning. We nearly ran outside in our pj's, in fear that if we didn't get out soon, we would miss it! The weather changes so quickly here, that we are still packing around our rain gear in the sunshine b/c you never know what the next hour will bring.

With that said, we made some quick plans with our friends to surprise Ella after pre-school and take her and her buddy, Mia, to the forest for a picnic and a sunny hike. What a great day we had! We're so thankful for our friends here- they're always up for our crazy adventures!!!

In search of the perfect stick... I'm sure it exists... somewhere

Found it!

Fields of wild flowers - best playland, ever, when you're two

You know you're in hiking in Switzerland, when there are cows hiking with you!

On a 'Yellow Diamond Hunt!'
It's a great game to find the trail blazes along the trail.
The prize - a Haribo Gummy Bear. Oh the little things in life!

Searching for their next Yellow Diamond

We love hugs!

The girls were rewarded for their great hiking with a stop at a fantastic park at the Uetliberg.
You can never have enough park play time :o)

Mia first...

Ella's next...

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