Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lyon, France

Knowing that our time in Switzerland is coming to an end, we were trying to find a good balance between enjoying the country we're living in, and traveling around as much as possible. A few months back we sat down with a list (of course!) of places that we wanted to go (a very long list) and tried to narrow it down to cities that were actually possible to travel to given time, money and toddler restrictions. We quickly took that list, booked up our weekends, and we were pretty happy with the trips we planned. I feel like we came up with a pretty good balance of traveling to other countries, and also traveling within Switzerland.
After booking all our weekends, John got staffed on a case that has him traveling most of the week. So between work and our travels, the poor guy spends about 1 night a week in his own bed, and this will continue for him through the end of July. We're hoping that he can actually catch up on his sleep sometime in August!

Lyon, France- Knowing we had a few trips coming up, we purchased our second EuroRail Train Pass to travel through Germany, Switzerland and France. Lyon is about 4 hours SW of Zurich, just across the Swiss border. Lyon is known as the French capitol of gastronomy, and if I had not known that before our trip, I would have quickly figured it out. The food is amazing, there are cafe's, bakeries, restaurants, and gelato shops on every street.

First stop after we checked into our hotel : lunch! It was recommended to us to stop at Le Sud for a meal. It is one of 4 restaurants owned by chef Paul Bocuse, who is considered the ambassador of modern French cuisine. I'm so happy for the recommendation, the food was excellent!

Salmon with capers on flat bread 

Next, well, a carousel of course!

Then, we spent some time wandering around and enjoying the city. We've learned that one of our first stops in a new city should be the tourist office, if not only to grab a map to make Ella happy. She LOVES maps, and making sure she checks them to tell us where to go.

The next day we marched ourselves up the hill to see the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière, large 19th century basilica on the top of Fourvière Hill. 

As we were coming down from the church we stumbled upon a farmers market along the river. We were thrilled to find fantastic produce, fresh breads, and fresh chevre to put together for a picnic in the park. For me, this may have been my favorite part of Lyon.

The next day we made sure to make it to Les Halles de Lyon. This is a fantastic indoor food market complete with 59 booths, all filled to the brim with their local specialties. We actually brought a bottle of wine, grabbed a snack and had our own little picnic before getting on the train.

Les Halles

Bloodwurst - I have heard all about it, but never seen it. Can't say I'll be trying this during my stay. 

On the move!

On our last day, we spent a few hours in the Tete d'or Park. It was gorgeous, complete with a deer park, rose gardens, botanical gardens, a lake, a play ground, a carousel, and giraffes! Because you can't have a city park with out giraffe's.


Of course, our trip wouldn't have been complete without a stop at The Beers, with kegs for tables - brilliant!

Loving Lyon

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  1. A-MAZING pics, again, as usual! I wish I could come along on some of these weekend trips! What fun!!! Blood wurst doesnt' even look good in the pictures! ha! Glad it was a good weekend! Cant wait to see what the rest of your summer travel plans include!