Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Munich, Germany

Next stop on our list - Munich!
Technically, we have been there before on a whirlwind tour of Oktoberfest, and John had done some work in Munich for a few weeks. But, we really had not experienced Munich, and this was our chance. Our hearts were really set on visiting Berlin, but that trip was just not in the cards for us this year. It just got added to our very long list of cities that we want to visit in our lifetime.

As you can imagine, there is just too much to do in Munich to do it all in a couple short days. So, we did our best to see most of the sites within the city of Zurich, and left more to do if we ever make it back to Munich. To my disappointment, much of the WWII sites were pretty far out of the city, and just not manageable on this trip. With so many other sites to see in Munich, the trip was still wonderful!
Our friends, Jess and Lindy, also met us in Munich! We got to meet up with them on Saturday night for dinner, and spent the next couple days touring the city with them. What a great treat for us!

First stop - c'mon, we're the Fillmore's - our first stop was the Augustiner Biergarten, complete with a playground to keep every Fillmore family member happy  :o)

This is only a small portion of the garten- they're huge!

Our meals in Munich pretty much consisted of chicken, bretzels and sausages

Happy kids!

Happy Parents!

New Town Hall built in 1874. It houses a Glockenspiel that performs three times a day. Sadly we missed this performance!

Guards in full armor marching through the streets of Munich

Naturally, we made it to the Hofrbrauhaus

Don't get the wrong idea, she couldn't even pick up the glass! But she had a great time listening to the Bavarian Bands play.

Touring Munich on Sunday morning

Inside the Munich Residenz. It's the former royal palace of the  Bavarian Monarchs. Absolutely gorgeous museum. It's the largest city palace in Germany, with 10 courtyards and 130 rooms. There was a lot of damage to the palace in WWII, however, they have reconstructed much of the palace in a simplified manner. 

Enjoying some unexpected sunshine (while E naps) in the Englischer Gartens! These gardens are 1.4 sq miles, bigger than Central Park.

Great game of Domino's at our THIRD beirgarten! Note, the playground in the back- E was a happy kid

Did you think our trip to Munich would be any different?

The local surfers! They would stand in line on each side of the river and take turns jumping on the waves for a ride

Strolling the gardens 

Last stop, the Nymphenburg Palace. Completed in 1675, this palace was built by Ferdinand Maria and Henriette Adelaide of Savoy. A gift for his wife for giving birth to his son. Hmmm.......
It was the main summer residence for the rulers of Bavaria. The park behind the palace consists of 490 acres of beautifully manicured grounds, one of the worlds biggest inner-city parks.

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