Monday, June 7, 2010

Time Flies...

when you live life in a postcard  :o) (well, pretty much all the time, but I'm blaming Switzerland!)

Wow, I just realized that it's been a few weeks since my last update! I'm so sorry! I've been watching my friends post these great pictures of their families multiple times during a week on their own blogs, and here I am, leaving my poor blog totally abandoned. Forgive me!!! 

Here's a couple pics of our week, and I'm working on updating our recent travels to share with you!

Ella and her best buddy Mia at the playground at the Zoo.

The sun came out on Friday (FINALLY!) so we went with our buddies on a picnic and a hike in the hills. Isn't it fun to be two....

Then sun stayed out for the weekend, so we went to our own playground!

Hiking in Heidi Land, looking over the Walensee (may be one of our favorite spots in Switzerland)

Riding a bike along the Zugersee (Lake Zug) on a Sunday afternoon.

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  1. A "postcard" hardly does it justice!! OMG--awesome pics as usual! Ella looks so big hiking behind John....and I see a future christmas card in the family pic--that is AMAZING!!! So great to see pictures of you with blue sky in the background :) Everything seems amazing when the sun is shining!!! Miss you! XOXO