Monday, July 26, 2010

Boat cruise

 A few weeks ago, we actually spent a whole weekend in Zurich! We didn't do much on that weekend, but we did get out and enjoy the sunshine and the city for a few hours.

 We ate lunch at a little take-away Dim Sum shop on the Limmat, next to the train station. This place came recommended by a few articles I read in the beginning of the year. It's a mom and pop shop, with great food! Of course, it was on my 'list' for Zurich, and this was a great weekend to cross it off my list and have a picnic with my family.

E got to play in the park for awhile

Then a nice walk along the Limmat River, watching the tourists and soaking up the sunshine

We walked ourselves down to the lake to hop on a 90 min boat cruise around the lake. (Yes, this too has been on my 'list!') This trip only cost us 4 francs! One of the many great things about living here is there fantastic transportation system. Even their boats are included and used as transit, which means my tram/train/bus pass included the boat cruise! We also have a card that gets us a 50% discount on transit tickets around the country, so John only paid 4 francs for his ride! Cheapest entertainment in Zurich!

View of the hill we live on from the lake

This was a great, low-key way to spend a Saturday afternoon with my wonderful family.

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