Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hiking in Flumserberg

While we have been enjoying amazing travels and adventures all year long, we seem to always have some kind of 'inconvenience' on every trip. Not big troubles, just little inconveniences that seem to add up over time. We are a 'roll with the punches' kind of family, a 'make sure you pack your sense of humor' kind of family, because with out a doubt, you will need it. This trip was no exception.

We had been WAITING and WAITING for a nice weekend, when we had a car, so we could go out in to the 'wide open air.' (After all, it's 'opener there in the wide open air.') This was our weekend and Flumserberg was our destination.  Flumserberg is in Heidiland country, and it is breathtaking. We had been waiting until June to go out there because that is when the majority of the trails open up for the start of hiking season. The drive out was stunning, we made it to the start of the trail only to find out that the trail we wanted was CLOSED! Of course, why would it be open even if the website said it was open already. I mean, where is the fun in that? We stared at the map for a few more minutes and decided to drive to one other trail head to 'wing it' and just follow those great yellow Swiss signs. And we are so glad we did!

Starting our Saturday morning out with an art project

On the drive out to Flumserberg

Dad, this one is for you. There was some kind of Rally meeting in the parking lot so we stalked them to take their picture. What a fantastic place for a rally!!

Heading up the trail, looking down at the Walensee. This lake is by far, our favorite lake in the whole country. The color of the lake is unforgettable, and the cliffs jetting out from the water will forever be captured in your memory. 

That's our girl! She had a blast trying to navigate up these rocks.

Hiking with her very favorite person

As we wandered around the trails, we came across this little lake. About 1/2 mile before we reached the lake we saw an old sign that said, 'Hotel Open.' But the sign was just on the side of the trail, all by itself. As we came up on this lake, we found the hotel that is only accessible by hikers- so neat!

And of course we saw these. Moo.

At the end of the day, we wouldn't have changed a thing. We had a wonderful hike, unexpectedly climbed about 2000 feet, and ended the hike with a stop at the restaurant which included a beer for the parents and a big trampoline for Miss Ella. love it! 

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  1. I'm going to miss all of these posts when you guys move back. What a fun adventure!!