Sunday, July 4, 2010

A sunny afternoon... off to Zug

Following our bliss-filled hike on Saturday, we were given another sunny day. The thought of headed down to Lake Zurich with every other person in the city was a little daunting. So we packed up the car with some snacks and Ella's bike, and headed to Zug. It's a small city south of Zurich, that sits on Lake Zug. Great lake, a lot less people- perfect for a sunny afternoon stroll. There are a few pics of the city below. Not much to tell- we strolled along the lake, in the Old Town, and along the lake again before heading home.

That evening we were meeting some friends of ours for a bbq in the hills above the house. As luck would have it, as we were all getting ready to head out, a storm was heading in. With a quick change of plans, we headed into our friends house for an impromptu indoor bbq - complete with lighting a chair cushion on fire and building beer bottle pyramids. Never a dull moment.

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