Thursday, July 22, 2010

Visiting Vienna

Vienna  was a 'must see' for us, and it just so happened we were able to find a great flight deal that allowed us to spend three nights in this great city, and still get John to work on time on Monday morning. For this trip, we rented an apartment off of (which we use for everything!) for our stay, giving Ella her own room, and us a little kitchen.  We spent three glorious and rainy days touring Vienna.

Yes, there are playgrounds in Vienna, can you believe it!?!

Rathaus was completed in 1883


Rain, rain go away

Flower Gardens in the middle of the city. This city is filled with parks and gardens that are all kept up beautifully.

My favorite pic of the weekend

Dancing on the steps of the library

It was also World Cup time, which meant two things for us: Beer. Soccer. 

Mom - saw the Hummels, and thought of you

Saw these and thought of ME

After we had been in Vienna for a day, my mom emailed me and mentioned that she'd be eating the Sacher torte if she were there. Of course, that was the first stop on day 2.

The cafe in Hotel Sacher

The famous torte

Next we went to Prater park to see their famous ferris wheel. You can guess that Ella was pretty determined to ride the wheel. From the top, she kept watching all these log cars go down the water slide. Guess what we did next....

Being in a city with such a rich history of music was amazing. Not being able to go to any of the concerts going on because we had Ella with us was a little frustrating for me. Thankfully, the opera had that base covered already - open air live broadcasts of the performance. You sit outside, with snacks, busy toddlers, dogs, casual clothes, come and go when you want and watch the live broadcast for free! This was my favorite part of the weekend. John humored me and came along with the family, and Ella actually found some of it to be kind of entertaining.

 She thought this was Santa  - If Santa was on stage, she was tuned in!

We stopped over at the aquarium. Totally not worth it. This bird nearly landed on my shoulder. We left.

And found an American bar, with great beer and soccer. On Father's day  :o)  Bird incident forgotten.

In all those pictures, there was no mention of the typical Fillmore travel 'hiccups' we've become so accustomed to.

Not to worry.

We hit plenty of bumps in the road as we were leaving on Monday morning. Our scheduled car service arrived to pick us up at 4:54am, and left before we came downstairs at 5am (the scheduled pick-up time.) Leaving us stranded in Vienna at 5am, with a flight to catch. John called the company and they said we were not out on the curb on time, so they left without even calling to tell us that they had arrived. We had no idea they even showed up, and we were on the curb at 4:58am. After 30 LONG and STRESSFUL minutes of trying to flag down a cab, we made it to the airport.

John's original plan when we were booking the trip was to fly back to Zurich on Monday morning and head straight to the office. Instead, he was scheduled to fly to Dusseldorf  from Vienna, leaving Ella and I to fly home to Zurich on our own. British Airlines booked John on his Dusseldorf flight, but never cancelled his Zurich flight. They even printed his boarding pass without checking his passport, handed ME his boarding pass, and never saw him. Then I proceeded to board with his pass, they never checked our passports or ID when boarding either. As the plane was just about ready to depart, a ground control employee boards the plane and comes up to me asking if they should hold the plane so my husband can board the flight.

Security at it finest.

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  1. OH wow....I don't know where to start: the hiccups or the awesome pics.....Pics first! I LOVE your pictures-they are awesome! Love the one of Ella dancing on the steps and of the two of you under the umbrella! You have a good eye for b&w vs. color :) Looked like a really fun weekend--something for everyone! Cannot believe airport security. Yikes! Can believe the cab situation--same thing happened to us in Sweden. LAME.