Monday, August 16, 2010

Komen Race Update! Only 6 weeks to go!

YAY! I've already raised nearly $1700 for Komen Race for the Cure! And that is thanks to all of YOU! You are amazing, THANK YOU!

When I committed to walking 60 miles I was very apprehensive about commiting to raise $2300, that amount is DAUNTING! As you began donating in honor of your loved ones, and letters of support started pouring in, I began to feel like this was an achievable task. Is it weird that I was more anxious about the fund raising then the actual walking 60 miles?!?! One of my dearest friends even sold some furniture to help raise money for Komen - how COOL is that! Thanks to your donations, the Komen Foundation is getting great support for their research.

What the focus should really be on is the women currently battling breast cancer, and how much you are helping support them. Recently I received a letter from my brother detailing a heartbreaking story about his friends moms recent diagnosis with breast cancer.

"We’re writing this letter to you for our friend DJ. His mother Vicki has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She has already had a double mastectomy and started chemotherapy this past Monday 08/09. When DJ broke the news to us we immediately wanted to help."

And another letter that started off with this,

"Kim, Thanks for fighting this fight, another one of my friends diagnosed with breast cancer. We need this research to help women and their familes."

I truly hope that raising $2300 and walking 60 miles through the streets of San Francisco will continue to raise awareness, support and research dollars for our mothers, sisters, and friends fighting this horrible cancer.

I will be walking on October 1st-3rd in San Francisco. I will walk 20 miles each day, and camp out for two nights with thousands of amazing, strong women from all over the country.Please join me in this fight! I only have $600 to go before I reach my goal! IIf you would like to donate to help me raise that last $600, you can donate

Even the smallest amount helps!

And if you would like to donate in honor of a friend or family member, please list their name as I will be writing names on my shirt to recognize these amazing women.

(Fine print: Donations are tax deductable and many companies have a Matching Gift program- check with your company today!)

Love and Gratitude,

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Hug

All giggles now!