Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Two Week Countdown!

YOU are amazing! I have raised $2,115.56 for Komen Race for the Cure! 
And that is thanks to all of YOU! 


I have spent the past few months working hard! For those of you keeping up with us, while training, we have also managed to leave Zurich, celebrate Ella's third birthday, fly across the Atlantic, land in Oregon for a three week stay, re-unite with our family, friends and our dog, drive our family down to San Francisco, pick up boxes from Swiss Customs, meet the movers that brought our storage boxes from Oregon, unpack (almost!), buy furniture (because we didn't have ANY!), John started work, and Ella started swimming lessons! Whew! We've been in San Francisco for nearly three weeks, which means I have been training in SF for three weeks, and I am SORE from running these hills! At least I'll be ready for them in 17 days. 

We lived on top of a hill in Zurich, but for some reason, the hills here are more challenging to me both while running and while walking around with Ella and the dog. I'm just thrilled I get to do the 60 miles without pushing a 35 pound weight the whole time!

One great thing about training is San Francisco is that I have my running partner back! 

This is Sierra after a training run
If only I could have taken a nap too!!

With less than one month to go, I am starting to focus on all the little details that go into the planning. What should I pack, do I have the right shoes, how many layers do I need, what should be on my ipod, etc.
I need your help with the most important detail....fashion, of course!

What should I wear on the first day of the walk !?!

Option 1 -Go DUCKS!

Option 2 - Komen Breast Cancer Awareness shirt

Option 3 - 'I am Walking for YOU'

You can send your votes through on the blog or via my email

I'll announce the winner in a 'Kick-off' Blog post on October 1st!
I will also be doing my best to post walk updates, pictures and blog updates while I'm touring San Fran! Think good thoughts for sunshine and no rain!

I am hoping for view and weather like this:

Please help me raise that last $184 in two more weeks! 

I know that most of you have already donated, and I really can't thank you enough for your generosity. If you have already donated but know of a friend or family member that would be interested in supporting me, please pass this on. Every dollar is going to support research for breast cancer.

Donate HERE 
Even the smallest amount helps!

And if you would like to donate in honor of a friend or family member, please list their name as I will be writing names on my shirt to recognize these amazing women. 

I will be publishing a list of these amazing women on my blog and on my t-shirt, starting on October 1st.

(Fine print: Donations are tax deductible and many companies have a Matching Gift program- check with your company today!)
Love and Gratitude,

Me and Ella visiting my Nana during our Oregon visit!