Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Living (and Loving) the German Life

Life in Zurich has been nothing but amazing, and very good to us. This year has allowed us to visit more cities than I ever could have imagined, including a whole week in Eitorf, Germany. A few weeks after we moved to Zurich, Ella and I met our dear friends, Mia and Svenja. (We met them because we were both at a nearby park, and they were speaking English- which took me by surprise- and our girls hit it off immediately!) She also kindly invited me to her English speaking playgroup that was happening the following day, which turned out to be my life line for our time in Zurich. Such a wonderful group of women and kids, I would not have survived my time in here without these amazing friends!

In the beginning of July, Svenja invited Ella and I to join her for a week at her mom's house in Eitorf. (It's ok, take a break from the blog and 'google it,' I had to also.) It's in the North Rhine Region, near Cologne, population just under 20,000 people. Small town, gorgeous country, good people, great trip!
We left on Monday morning, girls packed safely in the back seat with plenty of books to read and toys to play with, snacks to eat, a trunk full of luggage and good company. After lots of pit stops, traffic and 8 hours of traveling, we spent Monday evening getting settled in, letting the girls run around in the yard, and going to bed early.

On Tuesday we set off to tour the surrounding areas. First stop, Haribo Factory Store. Yep, you read that right. The official Haribo store is located in Bonn, Germany, just a few minutes from where we were staying! I'm not sure if the shop was more fun for Ella or for me  :o)

Me, Ella and Mia

More important, the treats!

Then we took a cog wheel train up to a view point to look over the Rhine country

Looking out over Rhine Country and the Rhine River

Dragon Hunting

This little bakery was opened in 1731, and still runs out of the same tiny shop in the front. Svenja's grandparents, parents and brother all bought the same wedding cake from the bakery, so naturally, we had to buy some too. Best. Cake. Ever.

Checking out the fish in the pond

A couple pics of Svenja's Moms house - it's BEAUTIFUL

The Cologne Dome

Breakfast with Oma the next morning - so fun to be kids!

Ahhhh, relaxing at Oma's. Best part was that it allowed the Mama's to relax too!

We are so grateful that our friends shared a piece of their hometown with us. We couldn't have had a better trip with them, and will treasure those memories for ever. Thank you so much!

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