Wednesday, August 27, 2014


As we were getting ready to leave Switzerland and move to San Francisco, we had one last trip that we had to make. You can't live in Switzerland without making a trip to see the Matterhorn.
We took our very last weekend, packed our bags, hopped on the train and headed to Zermott. The trip was very bittersweet for me. This trip had been one that I had wanted to make from the minute we arrived in Swiss country, so I was thrilled to be headed to the mountain. On the other hand, it was our last trip before our move, but it couldn't have been better.

I'm hoping the pictures will jog my memory of some of the trip details. When we arrived, it was cloudy, gray, and dreary. I think there were little sun spots in the sky, and naturally, there were no views of the mountain we came to see. We spent some time walking around this little Swiss town, soaking in all of it's charm.                                              

View from our hotel

Dowtown Zermatt

The Matterhorn is hiding

We decided we would spend the remainder of Day 1 hiking in the area, just to do a little exploring.
View of Zermatt from our hike

Ella reading her map, naturally telling us where to go

 Still very little Matterhorn to see

Hiking among the cattle

Stunning mountain views

lunch break

At the end of our hike, something amazing happened. Something I had been waiting for my ENTIRE year spent living in Switzerland....Edelweiss spotting! Ahhh..... my trip was complete!

train ride home after a fun filled trip

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